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north carolina

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anyone here from north carolina?
dont think ive seen anybody from nc yet, im from va though
i'm from Wilmington.. but now live in FL.. don't think thats what your looking for tho..
I'm in N.C. Western N.C in fact. I am about an hour from Pigeon Forge,
Charlotte NC here
hey bigroy_88 im from spotsy VA
Im in the great town of Havelock, NC
im from a town called elon north carolina about 20 minutes from greensboro
Send me some SUN DROP damnit.. i grew up on that stuff.. and you can't get it down here lol.
I'm from Roanoke, Va about an hour to hour and a half from NC line depending on which direction I go. Elon is about an hour and 20 mins. I here Cheerwine is big in NC too. I love it. We got it and sundrop here but its hard to find, mostly little mom and pop stores as you get closer to NC line.